About Us

Who We Are

IPE Global Centre for Knowledge and Development (CKD) is working on a mission mode to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion, focusing on transforming the lives of women, girls, and children. To drive large-scale transformation, we empower communities to lead change, network with private and public stakeholders and leverage cutting edge technology.


An independent, not-for-profit company, we were incubated in 2014 by IPE Global, an international Indian development consulting firm with a track record of implementing multi-sectoral, large-scale, and high-impact development projects and solutions across continents


Creating a world imbued with values of diversity, equity and inclusivity where women, adolescents and children realize their full potential.


Empower women, adolescents, and children to get equitable access to health and nutrition, 21st-century skills and education, equal employment opportunities.


Create an alliance of engendered and mission-aligned partners to support 20 million women and girls to realize their full potential by 2040.

Our Values

We celebrate and respect the diversity of the Indian sub-continent. This is reflected amongst our people, advisors and partners. Learning from the many cultures and individuals we work with, we are unified by our shared set of values.


Co-creating solutions with likeminded partners and communities to achieve sustainable transformation in the lives of women and girls at scale


Learn from our work, partners and communities and apply learning as means of fostering innovation and experimentation


Optimistic about what communities can do and seek excellence in the realization of transformative change towards an equitable world


Non-partisan and respect differences, understand them and channelize our efforts in ensuring allegiance to the Mission and Vision


Propel technology for good, design solutions to promote innovation at scale, and stimulate creativity to think beyond the obvious


See an opportunity to learn from obstacles and strive for results with resilience