Livelihood and Employability


180 million youth will enter India’s workforce in the next 15 years. This poses a simultaneous opportunity and challenge. Growth in itself is not the final objective in a developing economy like India. The rate at which it grows, the beneficiaries, the losers, what is coming in the way and what needs to be done to realize the potential of each and every one is extremely relevant too.

CKD realises and establishes the need for a socially inclusive path of economic growth, so that people have jobs and equal opportunities to participate in the growth process. Our work places livelihood discourse central to policies, programmes and practices, especially for the poor.


Incubated within IPE Global, CKD’s distinguisher is its access to over two decades of IPE Groups work. IPE Global has designed and delivered an exciting range of integrated, innovative and high-quality development solutions across all disciplines and levels. We proudly leverage that knowledge and experience to guide and catalyse our work.

Manzil: Empowering Adolescent Girls through market-driven Vocational and Life Skills, Rajasthan

Manzil, a Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), UK funded project, aims to reduce instances of child marriage and early pregnancies amongst adolescent girls (both in school and out of school) by ensuring their effective transition into the workforce in six districts of Rajasthan. The project empowers adolescent girls (14-21 years) with skills and income opportunities by providing access to life and vocational skills, on job training and apprenticeships. It is also addressing regressive social norms at the community level that hinder women’s participation in the workforce.

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