Prabhat Poshan Saathi


“Prabhat Nutrition Program” is an initiative supported by Prabhat – HUL’s community development being implemented by Centre for Knowledge and Development, which aims to improve the nutrition status of pregnant and lactating women (PLW) and young children in the Buldhana and Nasik districts of Maharashtra and Kutch district of Gujarat.

The program uses a behaviour change approach to benefit:

FGD Adolescent Girls


IPE CKD has embedded the need to channel community to galvanise social change as a guiding principle. From our organizational ethos to our programmatic impetus, a Human Centred Design approach forms a fundamental base.

We have applied four-pronged approach to achieve an accelerated reduction of Low Birth Weight and Wasting among children in the project blocks.

a. Follow a Lifecycle approach: Target pregnant and lactating women, young mothers, adolescent girls, infants, and young children. Motivating them to consume locally nutritious and diversified food during and after pregnancy and menstruation. Creating awareness among adolescent girls on anaemia control and menstrual hygiene.

b. Adopt 360° approach to behaviour change: Interface with diverse audience, use of varied mediums to reach them – mid-media, community engagement, and inter-personal communications.

c. Foster convergence with government systems: Building capacities of ASHAs and AWWs for them to deliver all nutrition-related activities in an effective manner and motivate mothers to eat ‘more’ and ‘better’ food.

d. Embed a continuum of care principle: Integrate care into lifecycle, create a pool of trained and responsive supply-side actors providing preventive and treatment-based care.

Strategic interventions include

Local community motivators were motivated to become Nutrition Saathis for delivering messages in the local language and ensuring long-term sustainability. Over 46 Nutrition Saathi’s were trained and placed in the villages serving as a fundamental source of ground-level leadership. 

Strengthening Jan Andolan through community-led interventions: Creating community-level consensus for women, adolescent girls, and the community to prioritise and act through Participatory Learning and Action (PLA)

Inter-personal Counselling by Nutrition Saathis: Equipping women and their family members, such as in-laws, husbands, and community in general, with the knowledge to adopt and practice key actions in caring for themselves and their children.

Strategic use of mid-media: Reinforcing the importance of maternal nutrition and infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices, including dietary diversity through mid-media activities such as wall painting.

Support in creating nutri-gardens: Supporting the Anganwadi Centres (AWC) and households in target villages to develop nutri-gardens to tackle malnutrition and anaemia with a focus on locally available food. 

Use of technology: Incorporating technology as a critical component in assessing nutrition and health related indicators such as the weight of the beneficiaries, delivering important messages with the use of tablets for continuous tracking and course correction. 

Counselling in schools: Creating awareness on recognition and treatment of anaemia and menstrual hygiene through school-based counselling sessions and subsequently equip teachers to deliver such messages independently.

Project Achievement

nutrigardens have been established in all three-project location
school sessions for orientation of adolescent girls on anemia and menstrual hygiene management
community meeting have been conducted over 3 modules of PLA
wall paintings at strategic locations on three themes namely, well- being of family, anemia in adolesecent girls and nutrition of PW
community events, such as Annaprashan Diwas, Vaccination Day, Godbharai, Baal Tula Diwas, and Adolescent Day, were participated in by Poshan Saathis for the mobilization and orientation of the community on various government schemes.

Impact Numbers