Project "Sashakt"

GAIL (India) Limited

Empowering Women and Girls with Knowledge on Health and Nutrition


 Project ‘Sashakt’ aims to enhance health and nutrition awareness among tribal adolescents (10-19 years old), their caregivers- teachers/wardens/families and frontline health workers (ASHAs/ANMs/AWWs) in two blocks: Jhabua & Meghnagar of Jhabua district, Madhya Pradesh. The initiative of CKD is supported by GAIL (India) Limited.


This project centers on raising awareness about Anemia and Sickle Cell Anemia among adolescents and their families. Its primary focus is to foster healthier habits by promoting diet diversity and customising messaging in various ways.


  Additionally, caregivers will be informed about targeted messages that debunk myths and address misconceptions, ultimately motivating adolescents to adopt better eating habits regarding quantity and quality of food.


Sensitisation sessions in selected schools will be conducted, enriched with contextualised Information Education Communications (IEC) materials, which will impact students. Wall paintings, mikings, fliers, nukkad nataks will be some communication mediums which will be used. Nodal teachers and wardens will also be equipped to deliver such messages independently. Existing platforms such as women-friendly gram panchayats, SHGs, Village Health, and Nutrition Days (VHNDs), and community groups will be used. Additionally, mid media will be employed as part of Behaviour change communication to emphasise nutrition practices, displayed through wall paintings and village announcements. 


The project will reach 4000 plus adolescents girls and boys in 9 schools run by the department of tribal affairs, will reach 40, 000 plus community people across 14 gram panchayats,  and works in close collaboration with the District, Tribal affairs department, WCD, health and police. The GAIL office at Jhabua participates actively in all the programs.