What We Do

We work to create a world where women, adolescents and children realise their untapped potential. Guided by the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, we catalyse sustained investments and astute multi-stakeholder collaborations cutting across sectors. We co-create solutions with the communities that provide equitable access to quality health, nutrition, education and 21st century skills, with enhanced engagement in diversified livelihood and employability opportunities.

We aspire to make women and girls owners, planners and decision-makers in the systems that govern their lives. Knowledge management helps us achieve powerful results for the historically disadvantaged. Converging expertise and commitments of like-minded partners we create solutions that are transformative, scalable, and sustainable.

How We Do It

CKD has a human-centred design approach that is women‐based and rights‐based, with a commitment to leave no one behind. We aim to stay relevant, effective, and sustainable in a rapidly changing world and make strategic choices about the work we would do. We recognise the critical importance of assessing progress in our work.

Theory Of Change

For us, building consensus, improving access, innovating solutions, and sustaining empathic behaviours are the pathways to achieve our vision. With that in mind, our Theory of Change guides us, ensuring we continue to maximise our impact.

Our Focus Areas


We create equitable pathways for women, adolescents, and children to access quality health services. Our work is responsive and tailored to reduce the burden of diseases and mitigate the leading causes of maternal and child mortality.


We re-energise public health and foods systems to deliver complete nutrition to women, adolescents and children. Addressing systemic challenges, our work enhances community ownership to break the inter-generational cycle of malnutrition.

Education & 21st Century Skills

We engage with leaders, experts, and innovators to provide quality education and 21st century skills to adolescents and children. We adopt feasible technology to drive change at scale.

Livelihood & Employability

We converge stakeholders and leverage partnerships to secure the present and future of adolescents. We empower youth to explore varied forms of income generation that align with their aspirations and opportunities.

Climate Change

CKD prioritizes analyzing and corrective action on the differential impact experienced by women, children and adolescents in the prevention and addressal of climate change.