"Win with Vaccines"
A CKD and NATHEALTH initiative to address Vaccine Hesitancy

CKD partners with
GAIL (India) Limited to advance digital pedagogy in Bokaro


Centre for Knowledge and Development (CKD), is a not-for-profit, knowledge-driven, community-focused, partnership-building, forward-thinking organization. We relentlessly pursue building the agency of women, adolescents, and children by providing equitable access to health, nutrition, education, and 21st-century skills, livelihood, and employability. With a commitment to leave no one behind, our key principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion drive all our goals.

Key Highlights

Doctors and Nurses trained on COVID-19 care and management in J&K

CKD in collaboration with Wipro GE Healthcare organized training of doctors and nurses in SKIMS Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir. Under the Morpho, Foundation-supported program 'Training of Health Professionals on Covid-19 Care and Management' 1000+ health professionals have been trained Pan-India.

CKD celebrates partnership with GAIL (India) Limited

Centre for Knowledge & Development (CKD) celebrates partnership with GAIL (India) Limited for Project Digits (Digitech for Teachers in Schools). Together we will enhance digital and
21st century skills focusing on girls of Bokaro district, Jharkhand.



Teachers Digital Competency Enhanced


Nutritional and Health Assessments Conducted


People Sensitized on COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy


People Sensitised to COVID-19


Scholarships Given to COVID Deceased Dependents


Health Professionals trained on COVID-19 Care and Management


Voices from the Field

The team of Jigyasa has rekindled curiosity and a newfound interest towards education in our children and has helped us tremendously to achieve learning outcomes in the pandemic.

Raj Kumar Agnihotri, Teacher
Upper Primary School Ahirwan Sadar Bazar,
Kanpur Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

Dialogues For Change

Mental health is a profoundly intersectional and inter-sectoral issue, adversely impacted by COVID-19. Seema addresses its multiple facets and calls for action.

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To move the needle on anemia and reverse the alarming trends from National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 5, a two-pronged approach is required on a mission mode – increasing the demand and ensuring sustainable supply.

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Of the 2.68 Crore Indians with a disability, 44% (1.18 Crore) are women. Amongst these women with disabilities, only 45% are literate. CKD prioritizes Women with Disabilities, our interventions are tailored to ensure their inclusion as beneficiaries.

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