Training 1200+ Health Professionals

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic catalysed India's broken and over-burdened health system. This project, "Training Health Professionals on Covid-19 Care and Management", supported by Morpho Foundation, responds to the urgent need to upskill health care professionals. CKD in collaboration with Wipro GE Healthcare developed modules on the new developments of Covid-19, ventilators, pharmacology of COVID-19 drugs, ICMR protocols, mental health and Mucor-mycosis.

The project was conceptualised to train 4 cadres of health professionals the Doctors, the Nurses, Paramedics and the Community Health workers, based on international and national evidence-based guidelines. The 1200+ healthcare workers that will get trained, will reach a population of approximately 50,000. The project's long-term goal is to build a cadre of core trainers who can then sensitize, train and disburse knowledge around COVID-19 care and management to health professionals across the country.  Each training was conducted over 2/3 days through a blended format of cloud training and offline training. At the end of the training, certificates were awarded to the participants. All the trainees underwent an online pre-assessment test to measure their current level of understanding. After completing the training, all participants undertook a post-assessment to evaluate their learnings and knowledge levels through the course. The average score in the pre-test was 65% which drastically moved up to 95% in the post-test clearly indicating an enhancement in knowledge.

The improvement in the knowledge levels is a testimony to the success of this project

Health Professionals

Pre-Training Assessment Score

Post-Training Assessment Score














COVID-19 is here to stay therefore, it becomes imperative to constantly skill and upskill the healthcare professionals across the country. Our goal is to train additional 5000 healthcare workers in the next phase, as the methodology and modules designed in this phase have shown excellent results.

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