Behavior Change Communication Campaign - A glimpse

Win With Vaccines


The Win with Vaccines project, a CKD initiative in partnership with NATHEALTH-Healthcare Federation of India has been conceptualized to build COVID-19 vaccine confidence in five low coverage districts across Assam and Haryana.
The project will motivate and build confidence amongst adult and adolescent (12-18 years) populations eligible for second and booster doses. Through this project, we intend to build a favorable environment and address issues of diffidence in vaccination by debunking myths and misconceptions, engage government and private stakeholders for increasing coverage of COVID-19 vaccines. The CKD-NATHEALTH campaign will especially focus on the Left out, drop out and resistant (LODOR) populations across all age groups to raise awareness and build confidence to complete the COVID 19 vaccination protocols.

The objective of the campaign is to engage with key stakeholders, join hands with district authorities, and run a comprehensive public education program that addresses awareness gaps in understanding the benefits of vaccination.

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Intervention Districts