Knowledge Management

Information is power. The development sector has a culture that embraces learning, sharing and evolving, constantly innovating solutions to address complex challenges. At CKD, knowledge management is key to effectively collate this knowledge generated, share learnings, by providing faster and more effective access to relevant internal and external insights. Keeping up with the digital revolution− we tailor and regulate how knowledge would be shared, transferring it quickly, and effectively to all stakeholders.


Aggregate Information. Share Knowledge.

Centre for Knowledge and Development is a partnership-building, forward-thinking organization with a focus on prioritizing the need for knowledge building and sharing. The resources section is dedicated to aggregating information, developing and sharing knowledge products for dissemination and learning. This section will provide a platform to share and access resources from CKD, IPE Global, Government and development partners working on similar concerns, in India and across the Globe.

NHCA 2023

NATHEALTH Healthcare CSR Awards

As Knowledge Partners, Centre for Knowledge & Development (CKD) curated and facilitated the NATHEALTH Healthcare CSR Awards 2023 (NHCA ’23) which were announced at Arogya Bharat 9th NATHEALTH Annual Summit 2023 organized by NATHEALTH – Healthcare Federation of India. The NHCA ’23 were an initiative to identify and felicitate corporates and other philanthropic organisations for taking up commendable healthcare initiatives through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This prestigious award aims to recognise companies’ efforts in integrating and internalising CSRs into their everyday thinking. 

WTI 2021

Women Transforming India 2021

NITI Aayog’s Women Entrepreneurship Platform is a unique public-private partnership initiative where individuals collaborate and help scale up the efforts towards empowering women by promoting entrepreneurship. Mentorship and skilling programmes of WEP equip entrepreneurs to level the field. Sharing their success stories in social and traditional media provides inspiration and proof that business can be a woman’s world, too, and therefore strengthen the confidence of younger female entrepreneurs. The community module of WEP connects the women entrepreneurs and provides a seamless platform for networking and building sisterhood.